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Yes, to place an order, you must sign up for either a Free or Premium membership plan. However, you are able to access the cart as a guest and becoming a Free Members is simple.  Just fill in the cart information and click on check out. Once you check out you are automatically registered as a Free Member.

Remember Free Members save up to 60% on supplements and Premium Members save up to 80% on supplements and get supplements at our costs. (Premium Members pay what we pay).

We will always sell our products as low as our distributors and manufacturers will allow.  Because our company is in its infancy, we need more members before we can renegotiate our current pricing.  The bigger the community, the better the pricing.  Due to our unique business model, we anticipate that this will happen quickly.  Our community can help to speed up this process by spreading the word to family and friends.  


Occasionally, our manufacturers will offer us special pricing so that their products will gain more exposure.  When this happens, we pass that special pricing on to you.

We apologize for not displaying the specific product that you’re looking for.  Our main distributor may not carry your product.  Send us an email and let us know what it is.  We will do our best to add it to our inventory.  We encourage these requests.

Guests and free members will be able to use most of the site.  Some pages may be restricted and only available to our premium members.

At Members Only Supplements, one of the core values is transparency.  So truthfully, yes, it is possible that at some point your membership fees will go up.  This will never happen during your 1-year membership term.  Once, you join for a certain price, you are locked in at that price for a term of one year.  With growth comes added costs and responsibilities.  As we grow, it will become necessary to hire more writers, fitness experts, customer support staff, etc.  If this were to happen, you would be notified ahead of your renewal.  Please keep since we would have grown by then, that your savings should be greater and should more than offset any possible increase. 

If you purchased the subscription with a credit card then you can cancel it in your My Account area, under Plans. If you used PayPal then you can cancel within PayPal. Lastly, you can send an email to [email protected] and place "CANCEL" in the subject line and wait for a response which confirms your request.



Blogs are written by our members and can only be seen by their friends.  Articles are written by our fitness and nutrition experts and our contributing writers.

No, we will never mark up our shipping costs for profit.  Again, we believe in total transparency so we would like to provide further explanation to this answer.  We can only estimate what we believe shipping costs to be based on the weight of the product and the carrier.  Sometimes the estimate is slightly lower than the actual cost of shipping and sometimes the estimate is slightly higher and we absorb that cost.  Just like with our product pricing, as our community grows, our shipping costs will improve as we can leverage our numbers to renegotiate pricing with our carriers.

Larger organizations can afford to offer free or flat rate shipping because they build those costs into their product prices.  In other words, they are significantly increasing their prices on their products so that they can afford to cover the shipping costs on their own.  In reality, you are paying for shipping but it’s simply disguised by being built into the price of your items.

We strongly encourage members to purchase multiple products at once, if possible. Our testing has shown that shipping fees sometimes don't change by much when you add a second or third product. We can't guaranty the shipping savings between the number of products but it's worth looking at while at checkout. We can't guaranty it because there are many variables such as the weight, size and location where the products are being shipped.  

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We welcome writers to our site and would like to show our appreciation by offering significant benefits.  If you become a contributing writer, you will receive one free annual membership for yourself and 10 discounted memberships for your friends or clients.  You can send an email to mailto:[email protected] add “CONTRIBUTING WRITER” into the subject line to receive an application.  For more details, please click on the Writers tab at the top of the page.

In order to use certain resources on our site, you must become either a free member or a premium member.  For example, a guest of the site can view the forum but only a free or premium member can contribute to the forum.

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