Reasons Why You Always Feel Hungry

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These are the reasons why you always feel like you are hungry.
You think everything is going well. You have your meals all planned out and boxed in the fridge. You just had a meal an hour ago, but your stomach is calling out to you like a whale. Your body is calling out for more, but you don’t want to gain that extra pound. What is the problem? The hunger pangs arise from a complex interplay of hormones and signals. However, let’s look at some ways in which you can combat that between-meal hunger, and not hinder your progress! Here are the top nutrition mistakes people make when they feel that hunger striking.

1) Not drinking enough fluids:

As you may know, our bodies are pretty much made of water (around 75%). In order to maintain physical and cognitive function, we require a high daily water intake to replenish water lost in sweat and urine. When we don’t drink enough fluid, we start suffering the symptoms of dehydration, such as headaches, impaired concentration, and dizziness. This dehydration is accelerated if we workout and don’t replenish that water lost in sweat!
We often find it difficult to distinguish between dehydration and hunger. Most of the time, when we start feeling our stomachs growling, our bodies are asking for water and not food! Most people reach for anything convenient and filling in order to replenish that growl. However, that shouldn’t be the case! Next time you feel a growl coming along, drink a glass of water, wait 20 minutes and see how you feel! Women, aim for 96 oz. of water a day, and men, aim for 125 oz. of water per day!
Find it difficult to drink fluids throughout the day? Invest in a water bottle, and aim to fill it up 4 times during the day. Challenge a family member to do the same to keep you motivated! Keep a bottle at your office desk, next to your bed, in the living room, basically anywhere that you spend your day! Try to consume pure water instead of flavored drinks and caffeinated beverages.

2) Lack of fiber in the diet:

Fiber is an extremely powerful satiating component of food, that we often lack in our diets! Not only does it keep your stomach full, it aids with the digestive process. It is recommended that we consume 38g of fiber per day, however, we often consume a lot less in the modern Western diet. Therefore, a low fiber meal might only keep us full for a short amount of time.
How do we increase our fiber intake? Simple!
Firstly, swap out any white grains with wholegrain versions. White bread and pasta are basically the starchy part of the wheat grain, with absolutely no goodness or benefits. All the fiber is stripped out during processing! Another way of increasing fiber intake is by adding flaxseed to your yoghurts, cereals, and salads. A tablespoon of flaxseed contains 3 grams of fiber!

3) Not getting your 5-a-day:

I can’t stress the importance of consuming at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Firstly, there are quite low in calories, but also nutritionally dense. They contain tons of vitamins and minerals to keep that body in top shape. Also, they keep that tummy happy, as they are filled with fiber and water. Vegetables are 90% water, keeping you hydrated and full at the same time! It’s a win-win.
Sneak vegetables into your smoothies, omelets, casseroles and sandwiches. Try to add a variety of vegetables and fruit, with as much color as possible! Whenever you feel that hunger strike, have some ready-to-eat fruit or vegetables prepared to snack on! You’ll get a ton of benefits without packing on the pounds.

4) Too much sugar!

Added sugar is hidden into many foods nowadays, from yoghurts to ‘healthy cereals’, you almost can’t get away from it. Ever eat cereal in the morning and feel hungry 30 minutes later? Here’s why:
Sugar quickly spikes your insulin levels, causing a sudden burst of energy, followed by a lagged crash of energy. This sudden shift often makes us feel hungry, as the energy from the food is released much quicker than required.
Always check nutrition labels to keep aware of the amount of added sugar in the food. Always opt for fresher foods when you can. The less processed, the better!
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