Best All-Natural Ingredients for your Pre-Workout

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Taking a look at the side of most pre-workout supplement labels may feel like a crash course in

advanced chemistry. From synthetic caffeine to artificial colors and sweeteners, most commercial

pre-workout supplements may not be the best option if you’re striving to lead a no-filler lifestyle.

Lucky for you, there are a variety of natural foods and supplements available that will help you

achieve that boost you need before the workout. Let’s take a look at the best all natural ingredients

to take pre-workout.



Available in powder, capsule, and tincture, Ginseng, particularly Panax Ginseng, is a remarkable

health booster. Discovered and utilized since ancient times in China, Ginseng has made its way to

North America, where it is grown as well. It is used to lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, treat

stress and depression, and improve libido in men. When it comes to you getting that energy increase

for your workout, Ginseng may be a terrific natural option. As demonstrated in this study from the

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, supplementing with Ginseng was shown to help athletic




If caffeine is a necessity for you to get up and get going then choose an inexpensive, all natural

source such as coffee or tea. Caffeine from coffee has been associated with a variety of health

benefits, as demonstrated in this study published in Nutrition Bulletin, including enhanced memory,

improved mood, and amplified alertness. Most importantly, coffee can boost energy levels, thereby,

improving your athletic performance. Green or black tea is also a terrific option with the added

bonus of antioxidants.



Apple Cider Vinegar, or ACV, is a raw and natural marvel for your body. Aside from being packed

with helpful pro-biotics, which help to regular digestion and utilization of nutrients, this wonder

drink also contains a plethora of vitamins and minerals. A great way to boost your electrolytes, ACV

also helps improve energy levels before a workout as discussed in this article from Health Ambition.

A great bonus of ACV is its detoxification properties, which can help to alleviate muscle soreness.

Try mixing it with water, honey and cinnamon as a pre-workout drink.

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