Increased Use of Bodybuilding Supplements Over Time

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There are a great number of supplements in the market and it is important to know when one is going overboard.

It is possible for someone to take 50 pills in a day and even though this may provide a variety of supplements, there may be side effects to this. If you constantly take dietary supplements, then chances are that your intake has increased dramatically. You may want to check if all these pills are actually helping you or hurting you.


It is difficult to gauge when your supplement intake has become excessive. What is enough for you may be excessive for another. The intake is relative to a person and their lifestyle. The kind of training style, diet, lifestyle, and physiology will dictate whether you benefit from the supplements or harm your body.


Depending on your body condition, you need to know what to take and in what quantities. A good example is that a person with a kidney problem should refrain from a lot of creatine and protein intake.

Another consideration when deciding on whether to increase your supplement intake is your budget. A sign of excess supplement intake is that of a person purchasing unreasonable amounts supplements when they cannot afford them. This does not mean that for someone who can afford them then they are devoid of the risk of excessive intake.


One should also consider what they are actually using the supplements for. If you are supplementing because you cannot handle the taste of vegetables, then you are different from someone who is supplementing because they want to bench press more. Chances are that the person who is using so as to bench press more is taking in excess. You can, therefore, analyze excessive intake in a number of ways.

Whether the supplements are hazardous to your health, whether you can afford the supplements and whether the supplement is necessary to improve performance or nutrition.


There are dangers associated with over-supplementation. A good example is taking too much vitamin A which can result in liver damage and cause headaches. Vitamin C can cause indigestion when taken on an empty stomach. Too much caffeine can interrupt your sleep cycles and cause jitters.


It is evident therefore that dietary supplements, nutritional supplements, and bodybuilding supplements when taken in excess, can be harmful in the short and long run.

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