The Top Bodyweight Workout Plan For Travel

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Stay fit when traveling, made easy with this top guide to bodyweight training on the go!

Every person that works hard to attain and maintain peak physical condition has a wrench thrown in their training plan from time to time. That wrench often comes in the form of travel, for both business and vacation. How often have you planned your trip around the location of the nearest gym that has all the equipment you need or booked high-end accommodations out of your price range just to have access to a well-stocked on-site fitness center? What happens when you go back home to visit mom and dad, who still live in the middle of nowhere? Well, you’re in for some good news. You can get a great workout with no required equipment just by using your body weight.

Bodyweight training has moved to the forefront of fitness by its simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and time efficiency. Working against your body’s resistance provides excellent conditioning, improves flexibility and balance, and can be easily adapted to focus on strength, endurance, or combination of both. It’s also an effective method to use for rehabilitation because it reduces wear and tear on the joints, and offers tremendous benefits for accelerated fat burning. Bodyweight training is an excellent alternative to use when you’re feeling burned out by your current training plan, and need a break, but want to continue making progress towards your goals.

Your life is busy, especially when you’re traveling. Therefore, you need a protocol that’s easy to remember and simple to perform. You want a plan that requires as little equipment as possible, and can be done from any location at any time. Here are three routines that fit these criteria:
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1. No Equipment, All Sweat (Basic) Training Plan: 

Day Exercise Reps Sets (Rounds) Rest
1 Push-Up 10-12 5 rounds each day 45 seconds between rounds
1 Bodyweight Squat 10-12    
1 Dips 10-12    
1 Plank 30-45 seconds    
2 Jump Squat    10-12 5 rounds each day 45 seconds between rounds
2 Diamond Push-up 10-12    
2 Standing Lunge 10-12    
2 Supermans 10-12    
3 Mountain Climber 10-12 5 rounds each day 45 seconds between rounds
3 Step-Up 10-12    
3 Close Grip Push-Up 10-12    
3 Side Plank 30-45 seconds    

2. No Equipment, Muscle and Fat Blaster (Advanced) Training Plan: 

Day Exercise Reps Sets (Rounds) Rest
1 Handstand Push-Up 10-12 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
1 Lunge with Arms Overhead 10-12    
1 Dips 10-12    
1 Star Plank 30-45 seconds    
2 Burpee 10-12 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
2 Pike Push-Up 10-12    
2 Pistol Squat 10-12    
2 Prone Back Extension 10-12    
3 Bear Crawl 50 feet 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
3 Crab Walk 50 feet    
3 Clap Push-Up 10-12    
3 Cross Crunch 10-12    

3. Basic Equipment, “Primetime” (Advanced) Training Plan: 

Day Exercise Reps Sets (Rounds) Rest
1 Box Jumps 10-12 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
1 Chin Ups 10-12    
1 Dips 10-12    
1 Side Plank 30-45 seconds    
2 Burpee to Broad Jump 10-12 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
2 Inverted Row 10-12    
2 Reverse Lunge (from 6-8” height) 10-12    
2 Cross Crunch 10-12    
3 Forward Sprint 30 yards 5 rounds each day 30 seconds between rounds
3 Bulgarian Split Squat 10-12    
3 Handstand Push-Up 10-12    
3 Star Plank 10-12    
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Training Guidelines:

  • Perform your chosen program on non-consecutive days so that your body has an adequate recovery. Do all exercises as a circuit (round) to muscular failure. Don’t worry if you cannot complete every rep for each of the exercises when you start to get fatigued, just do as many as possible to failure. These three training plans are designed to be short-term, and even though you may not reach a point where you can perform every single rep, the fact that the training is new to your body will still produce a significantly positive stimulus.

  • Warm-up and cool-down adequately before and after each session to avoid injury.

  • Execute each exercise as quickly as you can while maintaining correct technique. Slow down your pace if necessary.

  • Keep your session duration between 30 and 60 minutes total. You can adjust duration by increasing or decreasing your reps or your rounds. If you’re looking for maximal fat burning benefits, you can keep your total session length at 20 to 30 minutes, and keep your rest periods as short as tolerable.

  • Be conscious of maintaining adequate hydration. Travel often interferes with normal eating and drinking patterns, so make sure you’re drinking mainly water, tea, and plain coffee several times throughout the day. Limit your alcohol intake to a minimum to avoid becoming dehydrated.

Bodyweight exercise is a fun and challenging mode of training that can help you maintain and even improve your fitness while you’re traveling. You might discover that you enjoy it so much you decide to incorporate it periodically into your routine.
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