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Summer Bodyweight Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

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No gym? No problem! There are many great workouts that can be done outside or even in your living room. Give these exercises a try! 

Don’t have access to fancy gym equipment? Going on vacation and don’t want to miss a workout? People often forget that they have the best equipment they need for a brutal workout – their own bodyweight! Not only can bodyweight workouts target cardiovascular training, they can also target strength-conditioning and resistance training too!

Here are three workouts to target different areas of your body, all using nothing but your bodyweight and a pull-up bar! If you have dumbbells at home and would like to make this more challenging, go ahead! If not, you can use a heavy book or a 2L water bottle as some added weight.

1) Workout One: Lower-Body Sculpt

Complete this plyometric circuit three times, with a 2-minute break between each completed circuit. Remember to warm up your muscles first, by running on the spot or stretching your legs.

a) Walking Lunge:

Stand with both feet shoulder-width apart. Using one leg, take a large step forward. At the same time, bend the front knee, and drop your back leg into a 90-degree angle, without touching the floor with your knee.

Bring the back leg forward into the start position and repeat with the alternating leg. Make sure you maintain good form, and never bring your front knee past your front foot! Keep your back flat, hands on the hips and eyes looking straight forward.

Intensify it: Too easy? Hold two dumbbells as you are performing the walking lunge to make it harder.
Perform 20 reps per leg.

b) Wall Sit Hold:

Pressing your back against the wall, slide your body down until you reach a ‘seated position’, where your knees are bent at around 90 degrees. Hold for 30 seconds, or as long as you can.

c) Jump Squat:

Start with your feet at hip-width apart. Push your hips down as you drop into a squat position, making sure your toes are parallel to one another. Once you are at a squatting position, use all of your energy to burst up into a jump.

Land lightly into a squat position and repeat as many times as possible. Make sure your core and glutes are fully engaged.
Perform 20 reps.

d) Burpees:

Start standing up, with your arms extended upwards. Jump up, bring your feet onto the floor and arms into pushup position.Bring your chest to the floor, with your elbows tucked by your stomach. Push up, and bring your With one movement, jump your feet forward so they land just outside of your hands.

Then, reach your arms overhead and jump up. Land back to the starting postion, and repeat. That’s one rep!
Modification: When you are beginning the burpee, bring one leg down to pushup position at a time. Slow down your burpee, and don’t perform the jump in between sets.

Perform 15 reps.

e) Wall Squat:

As before, perform a wall squat for 30 seconds. 


2) Workout Two: Upper-Body Burn

Complete this circuit three times, with a 2-minute break in between each circuit. Remember to stretch afterwards, as your upper body will be on fire!

a) Standard Pushup

Perform 15-20 pushups! Make sure your entire chest is lowered to the ground each time, and not your stomach! Keep your back flat, and your feet in line with your shoulders.

Modification: Too difficult? Perform push-ups with your knees on the ground. Too easy? Wear a weighted vest, and you’ll feel the difficulty increase in just a few reps.

b) Pull-ups:

Hold the bar overhead with your palms facing away from you, with a medium grip. Allow your torso to relax and extend, while your arms are extended. Pull your torso up until your chin is above the bar, and your chest is close to the bar. Bring yourself down and repeat.

Perform 15 reps.

Modification: Too difficult? Let someone hold your legs to support your bodyweight. If it’s too easy, wear a weighted vest for added intensity.

c) Plank Jacks:

Start at pushup position, with your hands on the ground and your arms extended.

Using your legs, perform a plank jack by jumping your feet into wide stance, and bringing them back in. Keep your back flat and your core engaged.

Perform 20 reps.

d) Walking Plank Pushup:

Stand straight, and slowly walk yourself down into pushup position, keeping your legs as straight as possible. Perform a pushup, and walk yourself back up into starting position.

Perform 20 reps.

Modification: Too difficult? Skip the pushup segment of the movement, and just bring yourself back up!


Perform these two workouts anywhere you are, for a killer session that doesn’t require any equipment!

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